Chet Rees

Views from an Interventional Suite is authored by Chet R. Rees, MD FSIR, practicing interventional radiologist at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. His 36 years in fluoroscopy suites have led to a broad appreciation of the consequences of radiation exposure and ergonomic issues for his colleagues and other workers in the field. Dr. Rees has worked actively with industry to create a safer work environment for everybody. Also active in the field of endovascular therapy, he has published over 48 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 35 peer-reviewed abstracts, several book chapters, participated in over 140 presentations at national and international meetings, joined over 10 societies, examined for the American Board of Radiology, received over 15 research grants, served on several research consultancies, and servedĀ  on numerous editorial review boards, consultancies, societal committees, and standards papers.